A Bankruptcy Paralegal speaks about Due Diligence in consumer bankruptcy cases

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Still Working (Bankruptcy2012)

I follow a Yahoo!® Group for EZ-Filing users and have been hearing about the misery being experienced by many of the bankruptcy lawyers who use EZ-Filing. Whatever is happening with this bankruptcy software program, it is certainly not being clearly communicated to its loyal customers and they’re not liking that fact! Some are so unhappy, they […]

Another Tool for Lawyers Seeking Clients

Last December, in a post titled “A site to help consumers choose the right lawyer,” I blogged about an online lawyer directory called Avvo.com. One of my attorneys had set up her profile on Avvo and experienced positive results in a short period of time. Avvo also has a blog (which you can find in […]

A site to help consumers choose the right lawyer

One of my attorneys mentioned last week that she had listed her law practice on an online lawyer directory and had begun to receive positive results within the first week. She was so excited by the response that she encouraged me to share the information with any other attorneys I know who are looking for […]

“Why do I end up with the weird cases?”

This lament has been spoken a number of times by one of the attorneys for whom I work. And it’s true, actually. I’ve only worked on a few cases for this attorney so far, but none has been what you would call ‘normal.’ Whereas I’ve worked on tons of ‘normal’ cases for my other lawyers. […]

Clients for Your Bankruptcy Practice

I receive calls periodically from attorneys who are getting started in bankruptcy practice … both brand new lawyers and established lawyers who are adding or switching to bankruptcy law. These lawyers are usually in the process of getting their ‘ducks in a row’ for when that first client retains them for a bankruptcy case. The […]