A Bankruptcy Paralegal speaks about Due Diligence in consumer bankruptcy cases

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Chatting about bankruptcy software on Yahoo! Groups

A few days ago, I posted about the disappearance of an active Yahoo! Group for EZ-Filing users. No answer has emerged and one attorney I communicated with could only speculate about why the Group was deleted. Since I have archives of messages from this Group going back to 2009, I have a pretty decent list […]

Still Working (Bankruptcy2012)

I follow a Yahoo!® Group for EZ-Filing users and have been hearing about the misery being experienced by many of the bankruptcy lawyers who use EZ-Filing. Whatever is happening with this bankruptcy software program, it is certainly not being clearly communicated to its loyal customers and they’re not liking that fact! Some are so unhappy, they […]

Best Case update effective November 1, 2011

Best Case Bankruptcy Software has an update effective today (November 1st). The update includes revisions to Forms B3b (Application for Waiver of Filing Fee), B200 (Checklist of Forms to be File), and B201A (Notice to Individual Consumer Debtor of Available Chapters). The Administrative portion of the bankruptcy filing fee paid to the court has gone […]

Bankruptcy Software and the Virtual Assistant

New Hope Software, Inc. announces its VBA version of Bankruptcy2009 A press release was issued last Friday by New Hope Software, Inc., publishers of Bankruptcy2009, announcing the Virtual Bankruptcy Assistant version of their bankruptcy software. As stated in the press release: Bankruptcy2009, the most user friendly and feature rich piece of bankruptcy software in the […]

Read the License Before You Pay for Bankruptcy Software

There are what I consider to be the ‘big four’ when it comes to bankruptcy software: Bankruptcy2009, EZ-Filing, BankruptcyPro, and Best Case Bankruptcy. These programs are all somewhat similar (they all prepare bankruptcy forms) as I discussed in a post from last year, “How Do You Choose Your Bankruptcy Software?” In that post I only […]