The Process

Petitions are done off-site, but will you notice?

A simple process that results in accurate bankruptcy petitions

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Tips, opinions, and reviews of bankruptcy software and other due diligence products marketed to lawyers.



Client Intake: I adapt to the attorney’s methods.


The easiest way for an attorney to work with an off-site paralegal is for the paralegal to adapt to the attorney’s methods. Most likely, the attorney has already developed a streamlined process for client intake, including their own client questionnaire.

While I can provide a generic client questionnaire if needed, imagine requiring the attorney to change their methods and switch to my forms. It’s not my approach. Instead, I adapt.




Transmit the client data.


The attorney sends the documentation and information collected for the case to me. This can be sent by fax, email, US Mail, or other delivery service.




Petition is drafted.


The client’s information is entered into bankruptcy software (I use whichever software is being used by the attorney).

A list of questions and missing or conflicting information is created during preparation of the draft. Based on the attorney’s preference, this list is either sent to the attorney or I contact the client directly for follow-up.




Final Draft for Client’s Signature.


When the petition is complete, I forward the final draft to the attorney who has the client sign the petition.




Electronic Filing.


Technology makes it possible for me to electronically file the petitions as if I were working from the attorney’s office. From here in Seattle I can electronically file in any district if requested by the attorney (no additional charge).





Post-filing paralegal services.


I am available to assist with any post-filing matters. These are charged on an hourly basis.