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Can you increase caseload or decrease expenses?


The obvious way to increase profitability is to either increase caseload or decrease expenses. But wouldn’t an increase in caseload in turn increase associated expenses such as staff and overhead? And which expenses could you possibly decrease? Staff? Benefits? Rent? Utilities? Supplies?



Could your staff handle more cases?


How much does an employee really cost? If you add one staff member for the additional caseload, how many new cases would you need to cover the cost of that employee before you made a profit?



What is your employee cost per petition?


Do employees actually perform 8 hours of work per day? Apparently not. [See link below.] As much as 2 hours per day are estimated to be wasted by employees. Add to that legitimate interruptions: client calls or visits, questions from co-workers, even ‘computer down’ time. If you pay for 8 hours but your employees are actually working 6 hours or less, what is your true employee cost per bankruptcy petition?



The alternative:

Increase caseload AND decrease expenses.


With my services, you don’t pay for office distractions, personal web surfing, personal phone calls, overtime (eg., if a debtor needs to be phoned after office hours), or breaks.

Neither do you pay for an employee work station: desk, phone, computer, software, supplies, etc.

You make better use of your in-office staff’s time and skills while cutting the cost of petition preparation.



How do I charge?


I bill the attorney/law firm by petition, task or, for certain services, hourly. My rate schedule is not based on the fee the attorney charges the client and I do not bill or accept payment directly from the debtor.