Linda Rantz

Paralegal — Bankruptcy Law

Specializing in the preparation of bankruptcy petitions & schedules

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I am not licensed to practice law or give legal advice. If you are an individual, couple, or business and are looking for help filing for bankruptcy, please contact your local Bar Association to obtain references for competent bankruptcy attorneys in your area.

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Tips, opinions, and reviews of bankruptcy software and other due diligence products marketed to lawyers.


Why use outside paralegal services?


Make the paper processing tasks of a bankruptcy case more efficient by outsourcing the preparation of Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 petitions and schedules to a qualified paralegal. An increase in efficiency will equate to an increase in profitability.



Will this simplify or complicate the process?


Simplify. Handle new clients as you do now and then forward client info to my office. Free your staff to handle other cases or client tasks more important than the tedious work of petition preparation. (Or set up your bankruptcy practice without having to hire a paralegal.)



Is this just data entry?


No. Accurate petitions are critical. I review and cross-check the data provided by the client  and create a list of possible red flags for the attorney.



How do my services differ from Petition Preparers?


I contract only with lawyers or law firms in the capacity of a freelance paralegal and never work directly for debtors.

I work on a constant flow of bankruptcy cases from a number of attorneys in different districts. I know how to locate (and apply) the local bankruptcy rules for the different courts. Because I understand what and how information is applied in the actual petition, schedules, and forms, I am able to use any bankruptcy software (and will use whichever program is used by the attorney).

While there are independent petition-preparing services available, generally they are not paralegals. Many are limited to knowing how to transfer data from the client questionnaire into a particular bankruptcy software program, often without understanding the impact an entry can have on the petition.