What is the best client experience in a bankruptcy case?

A discharge is not the single measure of success. Your client will remember their experience from intake through discharge. It will form their opinion of you and whether or not they give you referrals.

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Bankruptcy Petition Preparation

Bankruptcy petition and forms prepared by a skilled paralegal.

Client-Friendly Intake

Use our versatile interview worksheets which are adaptable to each client’s situation.

The Digital Law Office

Good digital tools contribute to a better client experience!


Paralegal bankruptcy petition preparation services

Using contracted paralegal services for bankruptcy petition preparation increases profitability, ensures accuracy, and contributes to an excellent client experience.

Paralegal Services

The client experience begins at intake and continues to discharge.

Client-friendly Interview Worksheets for intake

About Interview Worksheets


Understand why the client experience is so important and how the tone is set during intake.


Our interview worksheets are adaptable and subject-based, making them more client-friendly.


We offer tips and suggestions for working with our Interview Worksheets.


The Digital Law Office

Coming soon – we provide insights and tools for law offices to streamline processes and become a digital law office.

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