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Districts Roadmap2020-10-28T16:39:12-07:00
USA Magnet map

My Experience in states and districts

I wanted to have some fun with the website and use state magnets to illustrate the districts where I do have experience preparing and filing bankruptcy cases for lawyers.

(I actually have one of these state magnet maps! My husband and I use it to track the states we travel to on our road trips.)

Bankruptcy Courts in the United States

There are 91 bankruptcy courts in the United States (including territories). A lawyer is required to be admitted to practice law (and registered to file via ECF) by each bankruptcy court where they will be representing clients. A paralegal, on the other hand, is able to work for attorneys in any number of bankruptcy court districts.

Do you have experience in my state or district?2020-10-27T12:37:46-07:00

Most bankruptcy attorneys who contact me about paralegal services will ask if I have experience in their district. I always preface my answer with a reminder that even if I have not worked on cases in their district, it is the local rules and procedures that I will need to review. And, quite honestly, given the number of districts I do have experience with, I sometimes have insights into tips and solutions of what works in other districts that they might not have previously considered.

What are some differences between states and districts for filing bankruptcy cases?2020-10-25T15:15:14-07:00

Between states, the biggest (but not only) difference is the exemptions. These are determined by state legislatures. For districts, there are local rules that can include things like how to file the case, what gets filed when, how and who sends notices, etc.

Paralegal Services

States and districts in which I have worked with attorneys to prepare and file bankruptcy petitions and forms.

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