Bankruptcy Petition Preparation

Bankruptcy Petition Preparation2020-10-28T16:47:24-07:00

What are the benefits of working with a remote paralegal?

Whether you are a lawyer/firm already established in, returning to, or entering the practice of bankruptcy law, you face the ongoing task of balancing firm administration costs vs. profitability.

You may already have 1 or 2 great paralegals who keep cases moving but might already be working at full capacity. If you want to increase profitability you need to increase clients and cases, but can your team handle the increase? And, if the so-called “bankruptcy tsunami” comes to fruition in 2021, will you be ready or miss the opportunity?

With many years working as a remote, contracted paralegal for bankruptcy attorneys around the United States (see my district experience), I can provide the expansion you need on an as-needed basis. That means already experienced, no training needed, and pay for paralegal services per case keeping admin costs down while watching profitability increase!

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bankruptcy petition preparation
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Due Diligence Blog

More than 10 years ago, I created a blog with the tagline: “A bankruptcy paralegal speaks about due diligence in consumer bankruptcy cases.” My Due Diligence blog covered a variety of topics for bankruptcy petition preparation and now, in 2020, I am updating all of the content!

It is very important to collect all information from the client and translate it into the case documents. A one-size-fits-all client questionnaire cannot be relied upon to collect everything. The client may misunderstand the context of the question or may simply forget about an account.

The good news is that there are some great tips and good habits for working with the client to make sure all information is captured. Learn more from the Due Diligence blog.

Due Diligence Blog


An FAQ page is always a great resource for those quick questions with short answers. Search the FAQs for quick answers for anything from intake through dismissal.

Where can I find instructions for completing bankruptcy forms?2020-11-22T16:19:21-07:00

If you are a consumer who is considering a do-it-yourself bankruptcy filing, I strongly recommend that you consider hiring a qualified attorney.

If you are a legal professional looking for clarification of specific items on a form, check the Instructions: Bankruptcy Forms for Individuals on the United States Courts website.

Where can I find bankruptcy forms online?2020-11-22T16:21:07-07:00

The official bankruptcy forms are available on the United States Courts website. Check the website for the Bankruptcy Court in your jurisdiction for any local forms.

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